Our Story

In July 2016, after two and half years of research, creation, preparation and planning, Rebecca Cooper launched Vegan Cosmetics Quest.

Vegan Cosmetics Quest produces a range of ethically sound cosmetics, created and developed by Rebecca. Products that are completely Vegan and Eco-friendly, so no testing on animals or any animal bi-products are used whatsoever!

Great products for all types of skin including highly sensitive skin at affordable prices and look great too!  

Becky Vegan Cosmetics Quest

Rebecca –

  • Has been in the beauty industry since 2002 in which time she has not only become a highly skilled beautician, she also trained as a counsellor, gained a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in forensic science, passing with distinction and became a mother, not once, not twice but three times!
  • Was presented and rewarded with science student of the year just weeks before the birth of second child;
  • Is highly trained in Beauty Therapy with knowledge of science and therapy that makes her stand out from the crowd;
  • Is Mum to her three children, Hope, Skye and Leo; who she adores along with her husband Greg.
Becky Vegan Cosmetics Quest Award

Rebecca says -

Cosmetics are just there to make a person beautiful on the outside; cosmetics should empower a person to feel as though they can accomplish whatever it is they want to do and bring out their inner beauty - a makeover inside and out.

I trained as a counsellor so that I can listen to my clients and identify what it is that they need and provide not only the products to make them feel good but empathy too!

I studied science because I truly believe that to be the best I must understand my craft from its very core

The products developed by Vegan Cosmetics Quest are suitable for everyone to use and a must for fellow make-up artists and beauty therapists who are as passionate as Rebecca about ethically produced products.

Vegan Cosmetics Quest allows complete choice in size, design and colours that go into every palette.